Review: Godzilla vs. Kong


Legendary Pictures

Godzilla vs Kong was released on Wednesday, March 31 in theatres and on HBO Max. 

It is a sequel following earlier films such as Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and is the fourth installment of Legendary’s MonsterVerse. 

Godzilla and Kong are both considered alpha titans. However, both species know that there could only be one true alpha titan. Hence, the long-awaited battle between the two awaits.

The movie starts by introducing Kong in its home on Skull Island monitored by the humans. He is held captive to avoid contact with Godzilla. It then proceeds with Godzilla wreaking havoc all around the world for an unknown reason while a tech organization, Apex Cybernetics, prepares something big that could rival Godzilla or any other titan.

Apex believes that there is a strong power source located at the titan’s home, Hollow Earth, and seemed to have developed a machine that could help obtain the fuel source located deep within the Earth. They also believe that only a titan could find the power source. Kong would be their solution in locating that energy.

As Kong locates for the power source back to his home in Hollow Earth, Godzilla is on the hunt for other titans to retain its throne as the sole alpha titan.

The caretakers of Kong would escort the giant ape through the oceans while a fleet surrounds him. As Godzilla lurks in the oceans, he would eventually run into Kong and have the two face off for the very first time.

By the start of the climax, Apex would introduce some familiar faces in the MonsterVerse, which would eventually lead to an all-out battle between the titans. By the end of the movie, it would determine who the real king is.

The movie overall was… decent. Finally getting Godzilla and Kong to face off on the big screens was incredible. The monster brawls were the only thing good about the movie… and not much else. Compared to blockbuster movies these days, the movie brought big flaws. It seemed like the studio thought that bringing the two movie stars together would be good enough to carry the whole film. 

Legendary Studios thought bringing good filmmakers and acclaimed actors together were enough to cover up the poor written narrative and character arcs. They mostly think that people show up solely because of the movie stars and monster fights. 

Some parts of the movie were not the greatest of ideas: an aircraft carrier staying afloat while two giants go all out on it, Kong always needing help from the humans and how he is somewhat controlled by a young deaf girl, and how the final battle ended because of a simple act by the humans. 

The concept of the movie is nothing new. Instead of coming up with something new to tell a story between the two beasts, they copied the idea that was done before back in 1962. The movie is just a modernized version of the film King Kong vs Godzilla with a few changes.

It had a lot of potential; with better storytelling and actually building up the human characters, the movie would have better than it would normally have been. If the studio was not planning to have any character arcs in the film and kept certain characters to a minimum, then the least they could have done was to go all out on the monster brawls. The film needed more of the real Godzilla vs Kong battle. The movie would have been better if it would have stuck with its title and have longer fight scenes. 

The ending of the movie raised some questions that were left unanswered; the main one being “Could there be a sequel?”


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