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Brix Baylon
Brix Baylon is a Filipino who has a lot of talents. He tries his best to be the perfect student-athlete he can possibly be. He loves sports as much as he wants to get his education. He can basically do any sport. Whether it's basketball, tennis, track, or any sport you can name, he probably can play it. If not, then he’ll definitely want to learn it.

Brix has a few secret talents that many people wouldn’t think he’ll have like singing, dancing, drawing, and even acting. Brix is also very competitive. The reason he tries to have as many talents he can possibly have is because he always wants to be better than the person next to him. His dream is to be a professional athlete. His ultimate goal is to play basketball for his country on the national level. He wants everybody to know that he’s proud to be a Filipino.

Brix Baylon, Senior

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