Softball crushes San Marcos


Photo By: Joe Leasure

Senior Nyah Chapa crushes a deep double. Softball beat San Marcos 11-1.

CORRECTION: In a previous version of the article, Keely Williams is mentioned as Keely Will. Her name has been changed.

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, the Judson Rockets (1-0) faced off against the San Marcos Rattlers (0-1) at the Rattler stadium.

To start the top of the first inning, after freshman Destiny Rodriguez of Judson hit a double over midfield, freshman Keely Williams was allowed to get the first run of the game. At the bottom of the first, after San Marcos’s first hitter got tagged out, the second hit a deep double to set herself up for San Marcos’s first run of the game which, ended first with the Rockets and Rattlers tied 1-1.

To start the second inning, after senior Melissa Gonzalez of Judson got walked, senior Kellsie Ramos was set up to hit for a second, which put Gonzalez in scoring position. That was short lived as the next two Judson batters got out. At the bottom of the second, Judson got all three San Marcos betters out back-to-back-to back as Judson ended the second still tied 1–1. To begin the third inning, after the first two Judson batters got out, senior Nyah Chapa hit a deep double into Midfield but set up sophomore Samara Sanchez to get caught out. At the bottom of the third, after Sanchez struck the Rattlers first, third and fourth batters out, the Rockets ended the third inning still tied with the Rattlers at 1-1

To start the fourth inning, after a botched Rattlers catch, sophomore Lauryn Ramos of Judson hit a double to set herself up to steal third. But unfortunately, the next three Judson batters got out to end the top of the fourth. At the bottom of the fourth, Rodriguez of Judson threw from third to first to get the Rattlers first batter out, which set up the second and third batters to also get out. To start the fifth inning, after Williams got walked and stole second, Rodriguez was set up to hit a quick single which put Williams in scoring position. After Chapa got walked, the rest of Judson batters got called out. At the bottom of the fifth, after Sanchez Judson struck the Rattlers first batter out and the second got caught out by Williams, the third was also stuck out and Judson headed to the 6th inning still tied 1-1.

To begin the sixth inning, Gonzalez got walked which set up sophomore Aliyah Pacheco to hit a single and put freshman Jayda Leal in scoring position after Gonzalez got subbed out. After Williams got walked, Ramos and Leal were pushed up, which aloud Leal to run in for the second run of the game and put Ramos in scoring position. After Rodriguez hit a spectacular grand slam, Ramos, Pacheco, Williams, and Rodriguez all ran in to make the score 7-1. Right after that home run, Chapa also hit one to make the score 8-1. At the bottom of the sixth, Judson got all three batters out back to back to back. To start the seventh inning, Williams hit a single to set up freshman Mimi Thornton to also hit a single. After Chapa hit a three-run homer, Williams, Thornton, and Chapa ran in for the ninth, 10th, and 11th runs of the night, which made the score 11-1. At the bottom of the seventh, the Rockets ended the game with three easy outs as Judson defeated San Marcos 11-1.

The Judson Rockets (2-0) will face off against the New Braunfels Unicorns (0-2) on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at the Judson softball fields.