A Club For Avid Readers

Judson Welcomes A Book Club To Campus

Monument14 Cover

Monument14 Cover

Attention avid readers: Judson now has a book club.

Michel Soto-Velez, president of the book club, said that the idea for the club has always been there, but she was never able to make it happen. This year, with the combined help of Velez and Haley Harrison, the idea of the book club became reality.

“People never really know what books to read or what books are good,” Velez said. “By reading as many books as we can and discussing them during the meetings, we can eventually come up with a list that will help people who want to read.”

The end goal of the book club is to eventually come up with a list of books for people to check out.

The current book up for discussion is Monument14. This book is set in a superstore that 14 kids become trapped in, due to disastrous events going on outside. They have to learn to fight for survival while also depending on each other, while outside events become worse due to a chemical spill. Monument14 is part of a three book series, not including Dress Your Marine in White (#.5), Jake and the Other Girl (#1.5), and What Mario Scietto Says (#2.5). These in-between books tell the story of a specific character and fill in events that have happened between the main books.

The club, sponsored by Mrs. Jeanette Dear and Mrs. Andrea Allinger, meets every two weeks, on a Wednesday, in G221 or in H221. During these meetings, students discuss their thoughts and opinions about the chosen book that was voted upon.

“Interesting stories bring people together,” Dear says.

Students also get the chance to socialize with like-minded people over other things they find they might have in common.

Buying a book is not required either. You could get the book from a library or borrow one from the sponsors if available. The book club does plan on reading poetry with a poetry coffee house themed meeting, and is open for any suggestions.

So if you have any suggestions, want to share your opinion, or want to hear the opinions of others, the book club is open for anyone who wants to join.