Campus Hopes Speedy Recovery For Catone


Photo By: Kiela Ramos

Beloved physics teacher and AP coordinator Mr. Neil Catone was recently diagnosed with melanoma, the most serious type of a skin cancer.

“Catone has left a very big hole with the ‘physics men;’ that’s what we like to call ourselves,” physics teacher Mr. K.R. Ziarkowski said.

Catone has been a teacher at Judson High School for 5 years. Before he was an educator, Catone was a former service man in the United States Air Force. He served 25 years and even attended Air Force academy with Mr. Steven Usher, a geometry teacher also at Judson.

“He was my mentor and a very big help to me,” Ziarkowski said.

Catone is known for being a church going family man, and was voted most caring teacher by the students at the first annual Rocket Launcher Awards. His wife is a constant face on campus, as she occasionally aids the special education department. He is a father of 5 children.

Currently, Catone has been gone for over a month and is currently in hospice care. His students have missed having Catone around.

“Mr. Catone is anything but normal,” junior Jasmine Washington said. “He is generous with everyone and he does his best to make sure no one is left out. When he is around, his audience is always filled with sprit and joy.”

As medical costs are high, there is a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses. The entire Judson family, staff and students, are hoping for a speedy recovery for our beloved Catone.

“We’re all hoping and praying he’ll be back,” Ziarkowski said.

Update: With a heavy heart, we must report that our beloved Mr. Neil Catone passed away this morning hours after this story was published. He will forever be apart of the Rocket family and greatly missed.