Senior Aleya Shedd asked to join NCA staff


Photo By: Kevin Arnold

For many teenagers, juggling sports, extra circular activities, work and school can be very difficult. However, one teen here at Judson has made it all possible.

Senior Aleya Shedd has earned a prestigious invitation to join the National Cheer Association staff.

“Cheerleading gives me an opportunity to be a role model,” Shedd said.

While Shedd is also very successful in her athletic path, she has managed to rise to the top 4 of her class by sustaining all A’s and even being accepted into the National Honors Society.

“I get to represent my school and the greater community as well as being involved in school.”

Specifically with cheer, Shedd received the Top All American award for receiving a high score at the National Cheer Association summer camp. Because of that, she was asked to try out to be a part of the staff.

Being a part of the staff a NCA is a very big deal in the cheer world. They put the event together by direct the campers and competitions.

“Getting asked to try out for staff was really cool,” Shedd said. “From middle school, I really wanted to be as good as the staff members. I love to teach and watch people grow. If I could be a part of the staff, I could motivate and inspire other cheerleaders.”

Shedd has currently been accepted to UTSA and has been recruited by their cheer team. She plans on majoring in neurobiology.