Despite constant moving, Senior Rachel Villacorta succeeds in school


Photo By: Claudia Quiroz

Senior Rachel Villacorta was originally born in Tamuning, Guam, before her father joined the United States Army, leaving behind many friends and family, including her mother.

“[When is was younger, Guam consisted of] fun family parties every weekend,” Villacorta said. “Everyone you know is basically your family, even if they’re blood or not.”

Villacorta was very excited when she was first told the news about her new journey to America.

“I was more excited than scared,” Villacorta said.

She has frequently moved from place to place since she was in first grade. So far, she’s lived in Texas, Oklahoma, and California for elementary school. However, because of how the military works, she went back to Guam for her middle school years.

“During elementary school, I would go back and forth from my mom’s to my dad’s,” Villacorta said, both who lived in different states at the time.

Traveling proved to be worth it in the long run. She found herself feeling more confident and ready to take on the world.

“Moving from state to state made me feel more motivated and confident.” Villacorta said.

After being displaced and losing several friends, school became her safe haven.

“School made [moving] easy because no matter where I went, I was always really good at it.” Villacorta said.

Despite many journeys and setbacks, she has still managed to juggle school, friendships, close relationships and work. Nevertheless, she enjoys the culture and the country she’s from.

“The best part about being from Guam is being able to say… I’m from Guam,” Villacorta said. “The culture in America is a little less family based. Family is really important in Guam.”

Currently, Villacorta is ranked number 13 out of approximately 700 seniors. She has participated in many school programs such as helping create The Fuel’s logo under the direction of Mr. Marcas Vann’s advanced graphic design class, as well as being a part of NHS. Her academics is one of the most important things to her.

“I’ve never ever gotten a B before,” Villacorta said. “I’ve been on the A honor roll for three years.”

Recently, she’s been accepted into The University of Incarnate Word and awarded with the Presidential Scholarship of $48,000.

“[The scholarship] was huge surprise,” Villacorta said.

Despite being piled up with school work and actual work, nothing ever stops her from reaching her goal.

“If I give up or try to take the easy road, I’ll never reach a good future.” Villacorta said.

Although high school will end for her in June, she feels ready to face whatever comes her way.

“I’m very excited to start college but sad that high school is over.” Villacorta said.