Senior Joshua Cherry authors ‘Steadfast’

Senior Joshua Cherry authors Steadfast

In his senior year of high school, Joshua Cherry has done what most people would consider impossible. With the help of his teachers, Cherry has recently authored a book, Steadfast.

The book focuses on the matters of the self-absorbed American society and its self-acclaimed bad morals.

“My teachers were more than willing to help me edit the book and make sure it was [cohesive],” Cherry said.

He found his motivation to write the book through observing the actions of his peers both inside and out of school. His main intentions were to shed light on his concerns as an American citizen and as to how our country is doing on a social and cultural scale.

“My main intentions were just to give my two cents on how America is doing from the views of a seventeen year old teenager,” Cherry said.

IMG_1945Although many people would be proud of their accomplishments, Cherry says the feeling of being a published author is neither good nor bad.

“My family is happy for me, but I feel indifferent,” Cherry said.

Cherry plans to continue writing books in the future and hopes to follow a foreign language career path.

Steadfast can be purchased through him for ten dollars, as well as on sites such as Amazon, Createspace, and Kindle.