Dance adjusting to new rules

Dancers will not be traveling to any away football games until further notice by district officials.


Photo By: Mr. Cabrera

Diamond Major Nylah Andrews, First Lieutenant Azilen Weeks and Colonel Mideliz Rodriguez lead the Dazzlers Pep Squad during practice on October 2. All three dance groups have to adjust to new rules set forth by UIL.

As the dance program prepares for their long-awaited season, there are many new rules and precautions they must follow because of the newly implemented guidelines from UIL.

Due to COVID-19, the dancers were not able to attend summer practices nor a summer camp.

“It has been a short season so far, but the dancers are moving quickly to get back on track. We have had a lot to do in a short amount of time,” director Sarah Howe said.

The pandemic has affected the dancer’s upcoming season in many ways because of the many new rules the dancers must follow.

“For now, we will not be traveling to any away football games until further notice by district officials. We only have three home games so it makes for a very short football season. We are also not able to support our JHS volleyball team at this time due to the games being indoors and them trying to limit the number of people inside the gym. So far, we have not had any pep rallies, football games, or volleyball games. We usually attend at least one, sometimes two athletic events a week and perform at pep rallies,” Howe said.

Despite the abnormal year for the dancers, the directors are trying to keep the season and practices as normal as possible with few differences. 

”Practices are the same as far as what we are doing with workouts, skills, technique, and learning choreography. For now, we are trying to limit any choreography that involves students touching such as stunts and hooking up in a high kick line,” Howe said.

Howe explains that the dancers are treating the season with nothing but enthusiasm and passion. 

“I think this has definitely been a learning experience for everyone. And like all learning experiences, it will make the dancers stronger humans. They are making the best of an abnormal situation. They don’t complain at all. They are excited to get out there and perform, and cheer on the football team,” Howe said. 

Despite the abnormality, Howe is impressed with the way all the athletes have handled the situation and is looking forward to the long-awaited season. 

“I’m very proud of how the dancers have handled the struggles they have endured since March. It has not been easy but they have handled it gracefully. [We are looking] toward our own competition and performance season,” Howe said.


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