Football prepping for an unpredictable season


Photo By: Isabella Sandoval

Senior Nathaniel Pryor ducks and weaves during a dummy drill at a morning football practice. The football first scrimmage against Brandis on September 25, 2020.

As we head into the school year, the big thing some high school students look forward to is Friday night high school football, a tradition in Converse. However, COVID-19 has made a big change to how student-athletes will prep for the season, adding another layer of safety and precaution, even in practices.

As the Judson High School football team prepares for the upcoming season, they are faced with many mental and physical challenges to ensure the safety of all players and coaches.

“This season, so far, has tested our mental discipline more than any time in my career,” head coach Rodney Williams explained. “Everyone involved has had to take a step back in order to make sure we are doing everything more meticulously than we have ever had to before.” 

Because of numerous new rules from the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the team and coaches must abide by a number of safety protocols to ensure all players and coaches are remaining healthy and safe.

“We may have the cleanest, safest facility in Converse. We have cleaning items and hand sanitizers everywhere,” Williams said.

Every player has to bring their own water, towels, masks, etc.

“We are constantly reminding everyone to wear masks, wash hands, stay six feet apart, while still trying to maintain the integrity of performing their tasks at a high level,” Williams explains.

Despite all the newly implemented rules the team must follow, Williams explains that he still wants the players to feel comfortable while still following all safety procedures.

“We are trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible each time we are together,” Williams said 

Regardless of the players having to still perform their tasks, it’s most important that all athletes remain healthy. All team members must put the safety of themselves and their teammates first. 

“We follow all the guidelines and treat every situation with the utmost importance. We tell everyone to be as honest as possible with symptoms and if they have had any interactions with anyone with symptoms.” Williams explains. 

Even though there are many difficulties caused by COVID-19, Williams still expects this year to be one to remember. 

“I’m super excited because these players deserve a chance to make history on the field.  It’s been very challenging mentally on everyone, but I think this is one of the better teams we have had in a few years, so we are looking for the challenge,” Williams said.


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