Health Sciences Students Attend Self-Defense Classes

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Health Sciences Students Attend Self-Defense Classes

Photo By: Emilee Rodriguez

Photo By: Emilee Rodriguez

Photo By: Emilee Rodriguez

Many people think self-defense is just a karate kick or a nice jab to the jaw. However self-defense is also learning how to avoid a threatening situation. You’ve seen it in countless times in movies: a naive girl walks through a dim, isolated parking lot. A man, dressed in all black, pops up from behind her, grabs her and as she struggles to stab him with her keys. She succeeds to get away, and makes a speedy escape in her nice red Prius.

Unfortunately, situations like these are too common.

Recently, the students enrolled in Judson Health Sciences went on numerous trips to the US Martial Arts Center to attend self-defense classes. The students learned about self-awareness, self-confidence, and how to avoid dangerous situations.

“This program is very informative,” senior Alexis Dimando said. “It’s not just in self-defense, but life lessons. It wasn’t just teaching you how to fight, but to aware and safe at all times.”

This class was conducted by Master Payne, a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Master Payne has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, and is the first women in the San Antonio to open up a Taekwondo school.

Master Payne not only was able to teach self-defense, but has had a lot of experiences in her life to back up her teachings, which helped these students understand how important self-defense is.

“She is a 7th degree black belt, but she has all of her stories and students to back up the reason as to why she has that belt,” senior Josh Metter said.

IMG_5779After four classes, these students began to feel more confident and aware of their surroundings

“I feel more confident because I got to actually hit someone, and actually got experience,” senior Victoria Sauceda said.

The students got do things such as break wooden boards and work from the floor up in self-defense. This included things such as escaping from a ground attack and learning how use every part of your body to help you.

“Getting hands on action made you feel more confident,” senior De’Shaun Collins said. “You know that, in the back of your head, you’re able to do it, you just have to find the reason to do it.”

Even after learning all the basics, these students wouldn’t even mind going back again.

IMG_5741“It’s important to know basics. You won’t always be in a group with someone who can protect you,” senior Madison Castillo said. “It’s good to be able to fend people off and not get in a confrontation.”

As all these students continue on their career paths in health, they will always know that they will be able to handle every situation, thanks to Master Payne and her crew.

“My favorite part of the institution was that it was a very friendly and safe environment,” senior Jose Barron said. “As we learned self-defense, you understood that it was okay to mess up in this environment. It was a very good place to go.”

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