Junior Esteban Avelar pursuing his dream to become a barber


It is beneficial and significant for young people to begin performing an occupation of interest, especially when they are in high school. That’s exactly what juniors Esteban Avelar and Joshua Bautista have been doing.

Both Avelar and Bautista have shown an interest in opening their open businesses and becoming barbers.

“It’s really interesting and it’s a passion of mine,” Avelar said. “It developed into me wanting to be really good at it. I found fun in it.”

Costing only $10 dollars a cut, Avelar and Bautista provide their services to all ages.

From a young age, being a barber has caught Avelar’s attention. Doing anything that would be dull to him would not be an option.

“It’s just something really interesting that I like to do,” Avelar said. “I don’t want to be working at a desk job doing something boring that I don’t want to do.”

If you’re a barber, that means you can be your own boss, so most imaginable you’ll never be out of a job. Depending on how nifty the barber can cut, they can make good money.

“I want to do something that I want to achieve; to make a good living out of it, and [being a barber] is something I really want to pursue,” Avelar said.

Going to pursue a dream is something students all hope to fulfill after high school. Many like Avelar and Bautista hope to inspire other teens to work hard for their dreams and show others that they are never too young to start a business.