Senior Ashley Rodriguez looks to start her music career via SoundCloud


Many people consider singing as a hobby. However, there are some who are working to grow their franchise in hopes of being signed. Senior Ashley Rodriguez is one of the SoundCloud artists on campus who wishes to fulfill such a dream.

Rodriguez has gained fame over the past few months with the help of the platform, which is an online audio distribution platform that allows users to upload, record, promote and share their original sounds. Rodriguez has been using this platform for her music.       

“At first, I just started playing the piano. Then, I met this girl [who was a singer.] She encouraged me to start writing songs. I never started recording in the studio until last summer,” Rodriguez said.

The studio mainly records Tejano music. But her potential has been seen by many and they have accepted her genre of music.

“Once I started going to the studio, they [gave me] ‘dummy tracks’ to put on SoundCloud. Towards the end of the year, I’m going to start working on an album,” Rodriguez said.

When it comes to making music, Rodriguez is very confident. She is planning to drop some new songs this month.

“I do my own original songs. I have a journal of songs already written. This month, I’ll be recording two big songs,” Rodriguez said.

She also enjoys other interest besides singing.

“I like painting and playing the piano,” Rodriguez said.

We all have our dreams and goals with different ways of getting there. The path we take is laid out for each and every one of us. Rodriguez has the intention to follow through with her music career.    

“I want to go to Julliard to play my piano. But if I continue with my music career, I’ll probably move to Austin or California and start recording over there, doing little shows. Sometimes, I sing at Sam Ash – it’s an open mic session,” Rodriguez said.

Working towards what you love is very important to be happy in life and Rodriguez is working to achieve this even during high school. Her being ambitious will allow others to be encouraged and do the same in their own way.