TAG students interview adults about September 11


Photo By: Aaliyah Johnson

To give students a better understanding of the events of September 11, Ms. Dozier asked her TAG students to work on a special project. The students were tasked to ask people who were alive during the September 11 terrorist attacks about their experiences on that day.

“I wanted to give the kids a living history assignment to kinda see how 9/11 affected the adults around them,” Dozier said.

Many current day sophomores were born either in 2001 or 2002. Freshmen are the first group in which the entire class was born after the terroristic events.

“We are getting farther away from the event itself,” Dozier said. “So, the only way to really understand how it impacted us was by interviewing adults,” Dozier said.

The learned about the September 11 events from the different point of views, first hand from teachers and adults to experience it. This gave them a better insight of the feels it had on the adults around them.

“I enjoyed seeing the students coming back telling me where their parents were and how old they were,” Dozier said. “I like the idea of this open discussion. These are things that kids wouldn’t normally ask about when talking to their parents,” Dozier said.

September 11 was a day the world stood still and this project allowed the students who weren’t born or too young to understand the impact it had on our country.