Monique Smith wins junior class president


Being a president can be hard due to certain attention and pressure. Yet, it can be exciting because you get to experience new things while also undertaking a new task.

Junior Monique Smith was elected as the junior class president for the 2017-18 school year. She is dedicated in giving a hand and taking in what others have to say to contribute to their class.

“I want everyone to know that I am there for you regardless of as a friend or stranger. I am be there for you and really that is my main goal,” Smith said.

Taking this position means hearing out others around school. In doing so, Smith is taking in great ideas and opinions and accommodating them, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

“Involving the student body is important,” Smith said.

Smith is aiming to create a good school year and setting a strong positive attitude for herself and her peers.

“There is so many great things about this school. You just want to highlight them. You want people to understand you can be proud of your school,” Smith said.

Being a leader is something everyone should take on. The impact you show can help others be more confident.

“The fact that I can be a light to help others; that is not power but that is efficient to everyone. I just want to represent,” Smith said.

Other than being junior class president, Smith also enjoys volunteering at day cares and helps out her church.

“I love kids, so I volunteer as much as I can. That is basically my life,” Smith said.

Progress is inhibited with fear of entering a new territory, but with the right feedback, it  can help lead to success. Smith is working hard and is dedicated to make the 2018 prom night a night to remember.

“I hope that I do my job, reach every expectation and make people happy although everyones not going to be happy,” Smith said.

Smith is going in a good direction, which will allow her to go further with great ambitions. Her devotion towards her goals will hopefully influence others to do the same.