Lady Macbeth Begins Rehersals


Photo By: Kiela Ramos

From Shakesphere’s original play “Macbeth” comes the Japanese kabuki version “Lady Macbeth”.

In this spin off version of the original, “Lady Macbeth” follows a similar story line. But instead of revolving the story around a male character, the story is revolved around a female character. Besides the gender change of the main character, the style of the play will also differ.

Kabuki is a Japanese style of drama that involves elaborate costuming and makeup, music, dancing, and rhythmic dialogue. Mrs. White, director of the play, wanted to bring two styles of plays that have never been seen before at Judson, and combine them both.

But with rehearsals for this production happening every day and casting that was done about the first week of school, why have only a few people heard about this play? In a strategic move, Mrs. White decided to wait until the buzz for Hairspray died down. And with something as foreign as this play, waiting until closer to the release date to announce the basic information would sure create a lot of curiosity.

The art department, production department, and the theatre arts department are all collaborating in efforts to make “Lady Macbeth” a success.

Showings for “Lady Macbeth” are on October 8th and 9th, at 7pm. This production will be held at the Black Box. Tickets will cost $7 and will be available for presale.