Review: Eslabon Armado’s “Corta Venas”


On Friday, December 18, Latin trio Eslabon Armado released their third album of the year, Corta Venas, which consisted of 24 songs. The trio takes listeners on a journey through their personal lives, as they sing about their experiences with love, success, and relationships. 

Lead singer Pedro Tovar presents “Ando Mas Que Mal” as the first song on the album. He starts the song with a sad guitar then goes into singing about his experience with a girl he met through the internet. He talks about how excited he is to meet her and even mentions that he took an eight hour flight to see her. As the verse progresses, he sings about how he falls in love with her but she didn’t love him back. He begins to express how he feels like he isn’t good enough. He states that he tried to do everything to make her happy but she never gave him the same energy back. The lyrics, “El esfuerzo puse todo el rato y tú nada” which translates to “I put in all the effort and time, and you, nothing,” show that he tried so hard to make her love him back but she never felt the same way. 

The group presents us with a cover of Gianluca Grignani’s “Mi Historia Entre Tus Dedos” as their fourth song on the album. In an interview with Apple Music, Tovar explains that he wanted to feature this cover on the album because, “[his] dad would always dedicate this song to [his] mom,” giving it sentimental value to him. The spin Tovar put on the song makes it sound better than the original. This is definitely one of the sadder songs on this album but is still one of my favorites.

For the 10th song, “Me Matas,” Tovar presents listeners with a more upbeat song in which he talks about a guy and girl who hit it off. Despite the feelings the couple shares, the girl is with someone else. The song talks about how they only see each other in the night when the other person won’t know where she is. This isn’t the best song – I like the beat and the rhythm. However, I don’t believe this song fits in with the album as it was more of a song about lust instead of true love which the other songs in the album present. 

The 13th song on the album “¿Dime Por Que?” is a personal favorite, despite it being one of the saddest songs on the album. Tovar sings his heart out with another slow and sad guitar in the back about how he doesn’t understand why the girl he likes doesn’t want him back. My favorite part of this song is the guitar solos, as it gives the listeners time to reminisce about the words he sings. I believe it makes the song slightly sadder, however, it’s definitely worth the listen. 

Tovar presents listeners with “Soy Toxicity,” a catchy up-beat song as the 14th song on the album. This is another one of my favorites purely for the beat and the way it flows. Tovar talks about a relationship that is super controlling and toxic. He explains in an interview with Apple Music that he tried to give diversity on this album by, “trying to get in other people’s heads, another mindset.” This was one of the better songs on the album and isn’t one that will necessarily make you sad. If you were to only listen to a few songs on the album, this should be one of the ones on the list. 

Overall, this album was actually pretty good. The group takes the listeners on a journey through the stages of love, giving various points of view on topics ranging from heartbreak, lust, true love, affairs, and everything in between. This album was definitely an emotional rollercoaster, including some really sad songs and a few upbeat songs. If you like more slow and meaningful music, this is definitely an album worth listening to – even if you don’t understand the words. The beats on this album speak for themselves. 

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