Texas Should Repeal HB 2543


Photo By: Kiela Ramos

Teachers are often asked many senseless questions; from their income to their benefits, from their “easy schedule” to their 3 month vacation. Unfortunately, these questions are being posed by those who make our laws.

Recently, the Texas house of representatives passed HB 2543, which proposes that school districts base a teacher’s salary upon an evaluation solely on student test scores, while also proposes getting rid of the state minimum salary to just $27,540 per year to all Texas teachers. This bill is still waiting for approval from the state senate.

If passed, this bill would require individual students STARR test scores to determine a teacher’s salaries, and even their employment.

Not only would this affect many educators, but the world of education itself. Although the authors had good intentions and concerns for the overall budget, it’s an ideological attack on the practice of paying teachers for their work. Most teachers don’t just teach solely for the pay, but for the experience of molding a young mind. That is worthy of a substantial salary.

It is not possible to pass laws about a profession or occupation if the author of the legislation has no knowledge of what it takes to be successful in that profession.

Teachers patiently work to get their students to understand the material being taught within the curriculum, while also maintaining time management, and spending hours outside their contracted time to better their classroom, curriculum, and their students. Let’s also not forget discipline, one of the hardest aspects of running a classroom.

Sadly, if the child shows no interest in the subject matter or in learning alone, there is no way that a teacher can force the child to perform what is necessary to pass the said course or test. Therefore, their pay goes down. Their livelihood is in danger. Frankly, there goes the want to continue teaching in a profession they may have used to love.

Certain occupations, such as teachers and doctors, are constantly held responsible for those that they serve. However, what most people choose not to realize is that the said student or client also have responsibility to take given the knowledge and apply it to themselves in order for the best results.  Doctors are paid six figures. Why not pay teachers the same?

The act of attaching a student’s success on a teacher’s evaluation is highly unfair. This world is full of choices, whether good or bad. However, in this matter, no one in this world can force another individual to succumb to something they do not wish to do, or have interest in. Students don’t want to test.

This bill would destroy the education system in Texas. By proposing this bill, this could potentially cost millions of dollars to  school programs rather than sustaining the budget. By losing teachers due to being fired or quitting, the number of educators in Texas could plummet.

Texas children’s classrooms could soon find themselves to be barren and empty. Less teachers means more burden for administrations, campuses, and districts that are growing with more and more kids, similar to Judson. Property owners will still expect their money to effectively run their community schools. If the state is not doing that properly, the effect on the economy could be detrimental. Just seems everyone would just be angry at the inefficiency.

The lack of teachers means the lack of Judson band, Judson athletics, Judson journalism, Judson theater, and all other Judson organization that require funding.

This bill is all around a bad idea.

Currently, more than 30,000 people are supporting to kill this legislation. Teachers, students, and community members need to come together to put an end to this bill, and support their community schools.