Anime Club Increasing In Popularity

Japan has created a form of entertainment named Anime and Manga that has taken the world by storm.

Manga are hand-drawn Japanese comics that are written from right to left, while anime is a style of Japanese animation that brings together hand-drawn or computer animation. This form of entertainment has captivated young people, so much so that it has led to The Anime and Japanese Culture Club on campus.

Meetings are every Monday after school in P236. To get in the club, all students have to do is pay $5 for the year, have an interest and show up.

In the club, students engage in activities such as making origami, creating and drawing manga, and learning basic culture and language. Activities rotate every week. At the begging of the year, Ruth always takes suggestions from the students for activities or anime they want to watch. Sometimes, they play Traditional Japanese board games, or make Japanese crafts such as giant kite making. This past week, the students went outside and played traditional school yard games.

“It’s something that makes the students feel like there are other people out there like them that won’t ridicule them,” sponsor Jennifer Ruth said.

Every year, the students attend MizuumiCon and sell anime related merchandise as a fundraiser. Sadly, they won’t be able to attend this year.

“This year will be the only year we don’t get to go to Mizuumi con,” Ruth said. “It sold out too fast.”

Two years ago, the students held a fundraiser for victims affected by a tsunami that hit Japan. The club has also adopted zoo animals, which include the giant Japanese salamander.

“For students who like anime, I think it would be great if they joined,” freshmen Sarah Williams said.

Recently, some of the students in the club have created a parody for the song “Firefly,” and the anime FairyTail. They hope to get it recorded and give it to JRocketTV soon.

Anime is now a world-wide form of entertainment that has reached Judson. Students who enjoy anime and Japanese culture should join this club. It is a good place to make friends who have the same interests, while learn about Japanese culture.