DECA creates student interns


Photo By: Claudia Quiroz

This school year, DECA has enlisted interns to assist the officers as a way to motivate students to get involved and help keep everything in order within the organization.

“This is an opportunity to experience being a leader,” DECA president senior Erik Ramos said.

DECA is an extracurricular group where students have the chance to expand their knowledge in business and marketing by attending field trips, competitions and participating in community service.

This year, they are planning to help out the community at a food drive at Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park for special needs and disabled kids. As for field trips, they plan to attend a Spurs game and learn about how the AT&T Center is ran.

“The community services will allow for students to involve themselves in the community and make a difference. The social events and/or field trips will allow students to engage in relationships with each other while having real life experiences in the business and marketing world,” Ramos said. “Lastly, competitions allow students to practice their knowledge of business and marketing in a competitive setting.”

The DECA interns include freshman Dominic Brindisi, sophomores Aracely Alacron and Destiny Diaz, and junior Nelson Torres.Their position entitles them to assist or take over for a senior officer. The reason interns came about was, in previous years, numerous senior officers were not successful in reaching the standards and responsibilities given to them.

“Last year, many officers weren’t completely participating and work began to pile up,” Ramos said.

Ramos was the person behind giving the chance to underclassmen to expand their skills in both leadership and business. He hopes that introducing these interns into DECA will guarantee responsible and up to par officers.