Dental program host first blood drive of the year


Photo By: Alexandra Villanueva

The blood drive mascot stands by the blood mobile, to encourage donating blood. Every year, Judson holds the blood drive through three different organizations throughout the year and has been doing this for 25 plus years.

On October 2, the dental program hosted the first blood drive of the year.

“Judson really comes together and shows up for them. We have a lot of students, but I feel like you all are very passionate about causes like this, so it helps [that students are] very supportive,” dental program sponsor Monica Nichols said.

The blood that students donate goes to many places in Texas. The destination of the blood depends on the need of it and the level of emergency of a specific situation.

“A lot of people are under the impression that they go to nearby hospitals, and they do. However, if something were to happen like a disaster in Houston or Dallas, they will seek out resources from Bexar County and ask for blood donations,” Nichols said.

This blood can travel miles through Texas. It is not used for any specific circumstance.

“It can get specific, but they decide it. It goes back to need,” Nichols said.

This blood drive we do shares responsibilities between the health sciences: the Radiology program, CNA, and even the new medical assisting program get the chance to experience running the blood drive.

According to Nichols, Judson has been holding blood drives for over 25 years. Although we are not the only high school that holds a blood drive, for the past few years, we contributed a large number of donations.