Ms. Brianna Merchant introduces “A Royal Fit”


Photo By: Hanna Perkins

Ms. Brianna Merchant is posed in front of the many dresses and formal wear she has gotten donated by students on campus. Merchant revamps ‘Cinderella’s closet’ into ‘A Royal fit’ for students to be able to donate their used formal wear for other to be able to have and go to these events.

Formal occasions can be expensive and require a lot of money. Within the last few months, Ms. Brianna Merchant decided to revamp ‘Cinderella’s Closet’ formerly done by Ms. Carrie Hill, to “A Royal Fit.” The incentive is a way to help those individuals who can’t afford a lot, that these formal events require.

“It’s a place where we can provide our students who wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to prom or homecoming. We are able to provide formal wear and are looking at taking in accessories, shoes, and even men’s formal wear so we can take care of our kids as a whole,” Merchant said.

Aside from Merchant helping the students, she is also getting help from numerous teachers, as well as the cosmetology program at Veterans Memorial High School.

“I’m surrounded by a great family here at Judson, and there have been many people saying ‘I love it, I want to help out’. I’ve had teachers volunteer their cosmetology services because they’re licensed cosmetologists, like Ms.Crystal Young. The cosmetology program at Veterans is actually going to offer their services for hair and makeup the day of prom. I grabbed the concept and ran with it, but I’m a firm believer in it takes a village and we have a great village here. They have been great with helping me out,” Merchant said.

As Merchant is starting up ‘A Royal Fit’, she plans to go far with it and make it big.

“I would like to get all JISD high schools to do it, to help benefit from. Since we’re just starting it up, we will just do it at Judson. I would like to make it next year where we could open it up to Veterans and Wagner students,” Merchant said.

Merchant plans to set up appointments with the students privately, helping give them items for these formal occasions. She will be taking donations and helping till the time of the event.