Judson Graduate Succeeds After Graduation

Jaquori Brooks graduated from Judson High School in 2013 and joined the Air Force

Judson High School has had numerous success stories, from athletes to politicians. In 2013, JHS graduate Jaquori Brooks successfully joined one of society’s greatest professions – a firefighter. Brooks had earned track and football scholarships, but turned them down to join the Air Force.

“Military life is so much different from civilian life.” Brooks said.

Life is a lot different since he graduated high school. He simply had to get used to being on his own, a part of the adult way of life. But he has accomplished all the goals he set out to achieve.

Before he could become a firefighter, he had to learn important procedures and facts including what chemicals start fires, how to turn out the fires, search and rescue, CPR, exterior and interior fires, and lastly jaws of life for car accidents.

“It’s just like a normal fire fighter you see on TV,” Brooks said

Some bad aspects about the job are that they see a lot of blood, trauma patients, and people that he can’t help. Not being able to complete the job, waking up early and not sleeping, and 24 hour work days are some more bad aspects about the job.

“Not being able to help or complete the job is one of the worst aspects,” Brooks said.

Nevertheless, there are great aspects. Brooks said that being able to save people’s lives and seeing people happy are some of the most fulfilling. Another one of the best aspects according to Brooks is that you learn about brotherhood, and that coworkers are like family.

“It makes me happy seeing the people we save smile,” Brooks said

Brooks is very glad that he made the decision to become an Air Force firefighter. He is very proud of himself and he loves his job, and Judson High School is just as proud to have another successful graduate only a year after graduation.

“Always have a plan and never give up on your dreams,” Brooks said.