Review: Nathan Skyes


Photo provided by Global Entertainment

After gaining thousands of fans with the U.K. Boy band, The Wanted, Nathan Sykes has launched his solo career by releasing his debut single “Kiss Me Quick.” The single was released on July 5, 2015. On May 21, 2015, Sykes released the music video for the track on VEVO peaking at 14th on the UK singles chart.

Skyes’s parents played a huge role in his music career, while keeping him surrounded by music which later helped him to what he has come to be. His mother is a music teacher who plays many instruments, while his father provided him with an R&B and Motown influence.

Back in 2013, Sykes made his solo debut on a duet with former girlfriend Ariana Grande named, “Almost Is Never Enough”, which was on the soundtrack for the film, “The Mortal Instruments”.

While in the making of the duet, Skyes began to find himself creatively connecting with one of the song’s producers and co-writers, Harmony Samuels. Together, they found Sykes’ new voice: a more soulful and R&B-influenced sound that shines on first singles “More Than You’ll Ever Know” and “Kiss Me Quick.”

“I really wanted to focus on the musicality of the track – it’s got such big sound that I wanted a simple but big idea that really brought out the energy,” Sykes said. “We were just laughing and joking about the fact that I can’t flirt, so that’s what we wrote ‘Kiss Me Quick’ about and it ended up being my debut single.”

“Kiss Me Quick” is a mid tempo track combining Motown with modern vibe. Sykes shows off his extensive vocal range which is showcased amazingly throughout the single. The music video is equally as brilliant as Sykes struts against a white background while sporting an array of fitted suits. The minimalistic approach express that he is serious about his music, as he wants to distance himself from his former boy band image.

While having sold over 11 million records worldwide and assembled eight top five UK singles with The Wanted, Sykes hopes to achieve a similar triumph with his solo career. Having completely sold out his July 22 show at the Gramercy Theater, and having gain the support of many of his fans, Sykes has managed to become a great solo artist that will hopefully grow as big and maybe even bigger than The Wanted.