Review: Ruth B


Photo provided by Columbia Records

On November 27, 2015, Ruth B released her first EP in the United States titled The Intro.

“It’s funny but I always remember thinking, even when I was little kid, that music was what I was called to do,” Ruth B said.

She was first introduced into the world of music when she began to upload videos of her singing covers. Her hit, “Lost Boy,” was inspired by the TV show “Once Upon A Time.” She began posting short clips of the song on social media, gaining large amounts of support and positive messages. Fans urged her to finish the song, so she then decided to complete the track and upload it to YouTube.

The song reached nearly nine-million YouTube views and also made its way into the Top 5 on iTunes.

“The song had a lot of potential to just be about Peter Pan, fairies and pixie dust, but I wanted people to be able to relate to it,” Ruth B said.

For Ruth B, music is her way to escape reality, dream and create music.

“It’s what I go to when I’m feeling lost or down, and I think people can relate to this,” Ruth B said.

The EP is a collection of four acoustic songs that depict Ruth B’s bittersweet style.

The first track of the EP, “2 Poor Kids” is a love song about 2 kids growing up in a society that revolves around money and fame.

The second track “Lost Boy,” is melancholic yet sweet song about growing up without friendship.

The third track “Golden” is about the transformation of a young weak woman into powerful and independent after going through a struggle. These three songs were written before she signed with Colombia Records.

“Superficial Love,” the last song, is a song about searching for a love that goes beyond looks.

Ruth B has managed to spark excitement in the hearts of many fans with her first EP. For this being Ruth B’s first album, the finished product of her stunning and soft vocals and delicate yet powerful lyrics was beautifully put together. Hopefully, she continues to produce more inspiring songs for all her fans for more time to come.