Review: The Space Between Us


On February 3, 2017, The Space Between Us premiered in theaters. It was a satisfying futuristic film with romance and adventure.

Nathaniel Shepherd, a revolutionary scientist played by Gary Oldman, planned for the first Mars civilization, East Texas, to begin by sending astronauts to the red planet. The lead astronaut gets pregnant and gives birth to a boy soon after they land on Mars. She dies after the birth, leaving her son, Gardner Elliot, played by Asa Butterfield, without his biological parents but with an in-place mother, Kendra Wyndham, played by Carla Gugino.

Shepherd and his PR staff decide to keep Gardner a secret from the rest of the world to prevent bad publicity. For the next sixteen years, Gardner lives on Mars knowing that nobody on Earth knows that he exists.

Gardner is in communication through an online chat with Tulsa, a rebellious foster child in Colorado, played by Britt Robertson. Gardner knows about Earth and wants to go there. They begin to train him for a trip back to Earth.

He gets there and is quarantined because of his physical difficulties from the differences between Earth and Mars. He escapes and finds Tulsa and they travel the country together to find Gardner’s biological father. Meanwhile, they are running away from Shepherd and Wyndham, who are trying to bring Gardner back for his well-being.

It was a very cute movie. Gardner’s innocent personality made the audience laugh and his cluelessness about Earth can make the audience love the character more every time he discovered something new.

The romance between Tulsa and Gardner is just as adorable. Gardner isn’t from Earth and has never had any romantic interaction whatsoever, but he’s a natural when he’s with Tulsa. The scenes where they are seeing the world and traveling were beautiful and made me realize beauty of Earth that I had never known.

The movie also evoked joy, sadness, suspense, humor, and curiosity, and had a couple of plot twists within it. You get a little bit of everything when you watch it.

The only weird thing about the movie was a song that Tulsa played. It was random and kind of out of place, but it did connect to the film later.

The Space Between Us had me gawking over how cute it was. It’s a film that you could see over and over again, a rare find these days.