Rockets eradicate Hornets, 69-0


After a long week of training during bye week, the Rockets (5-0) traveled to East Central Stadium to face off against the East Central Hornets (0-5)

The Rockets quickly turn the game in their favor scoring the first touchdown of the game in less than three minutes, bringing the score to 7-0 for the Rockets.

Later in the first quarter, junior Sincere McCormick scored with a 36-yard touchdown run, putting the score at 14-0, Rockets, with just over three minutes remaining. Just three minutes later, McCormick scored again with an 8-yard touchdown run, putting the Rockets up by 21 with only two seconds remaining in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Rockets kept the fire going when within two minutes, senior Jay Miller scored for the Rockets with a 2-yard touchdown run. Four minutes later, the Rockets scored once again with a 6-yard touchdown pass to senior Kishawn Fisher by McCormick, bringing the score to 35-0 for the Rockets with almost seven minutes remaining.

Soon after, senior Shane King scored a 44-yard field goal with just over two minutes remaining, giving the Rockets a comfortable 38 point lead at halftime.

The Rockets kicked off the second half and in just three minutes, Miller scored with a 58-yard touchdown pass by McCormick, bringing the Rockets up by 45 with just under ten minutes remaining in the third quarter.

About three minutes later, freshman De’anthony Lewis scored with a 14-yard touchdown, putting the Rockets up by 52. About six minutes later, McCormick came back with a 9-yard touchdown pass to Fisher, bringing the score to 59-0 at the end of the third quarter.

Just eight seconds into the fourth quarter, junior Marcus Harmon scored one last touchdown for the Rockets, bringing the score to 65-0 for the Rockets. About six minutes later, sophomore Jordyn Morgan scored a 25-yard field goal bringing the score for the Rockets to 69-0. After that, the Hornets finally started to gain some yards. However, the game was over before they could score anything. The Rockets ended the game with a fantastic, nearly record breaking score of 69-0.

“We just gotta keep getting better each week and fix our mistakes that we made tonight,” Offensive line coach Guy Anderson said. “We’re going be facing some pretty good teams down the stretch and we’re going to try to win us a district championship.”

After this amazing victory tonight, the Rockets will be training hard in preparation for the Hammerbowl, which will also be Judson’s homecoming game. The Wagner Thunderbirds are 3-3.