Football falls to Lake Travis


Photo By: Jo Dee Flores

After successfully taking out the Warren Warriors (6-5) last week, the Rockets (10-1) traveled to Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin to face off against the Lake Travis Cavaliers (9-2).

“We gotta do what we do we gotta play Rocket style football,” outside linebacker coach Quintin Green said. “Only thing that’s changed is our growth, our brotherhood. It’s gotten stronger throughout the weeks.”

The Rockets received the opening kickoff, which went past the end zone. The Rockets started on the 25-yard line. Near the end of the first quarter, the Cavaliers managed to take the lead with just over three minutes remaining on the quarter. The Rockets quickly pushed back when senior Shane King scored a 31 yard field goal, making the score 7-3 for the Cavaliers with just under one minute remaining in the first quarter.

The Cavaliers came into the second quarter strong scoring within two minutes. The Judson offense was quick to recover with an impressive 72-yard touchdown run by senior Julon Williams only two minutes into the quarter, making the score 14-10 with the Cavaliers ahead. About thirty seconds later, the Rockets defense pressured the Cavaliers back into their own endzone for a safety, bringing the game to only a two point difference.

Halfway through the second quarter, Williams made a nine yard touchdown run, bringing the score to 19-14, puting the Rockets ahead of the Cavaliers for the first time. Two minutes later, Williams threw a 35-yard pass to senior Kishaun Fisher, putting the score 26-14 with the Rockets in the lead. With less than two minutes left in the first half, senior Cameron Dicker scored a 48-yard field goal for the Cavaliers with Judson leading 26-17 at the half.

The Cavaliers received the opening kickoff of the second half. Seven minutes into the third quarter, they scored with a two point conversion, successfully making the score 26-25 with the Rockets holding on to the lead.  Seconds later, the Rockets increased their lead with a 42-yard pass from Williams to Fisher, bringing the score to 33-25. With just over two minutes left in the third quarter, they failed at an attempt for a two point conversion, bringing the score to 33-31 at the end of the third quarter.

With only seven minutes remaining in the game, Lake Travis scored a touchdown and a successful two point conversion, putting the Cavaliers it the lead, 39-33. Only seconds later, a mistake from the Rockets put the Cavaliers only one yard away from the end zone. The Cavaliers scored, putting the score at 47-33 for the Cavaliers. With just over three minutes remaining, the Rockets scored one last time but failed at a two point conversion, bringing the final score to 47-39.

This was the last game of the football season for the Rockets. The Lake Travis Cavaliers will face Los Fresnos next saturday for the third round of the UIL Football Conference 6A Division 1 Playoffs.