Seniors win Powder Puff


On April 25, the annual Powder Puff was held at the DW Rutledge Stadium. It’s a game of a flag football in which the junior and seniors girls compete against each other.

“People think that just because we’re girls, we can’t play football, and I think Powder Puff was a way of going against the status quo,” senior MyKenzie McAlister said. “Doing something different, having fun, and making memories.”

In order to participate, the girls were required to attend three weeks of practice leading up to the game in which they conditioned, learned different plays and were given positions, which they learned and created strategies that would help them win.

“At practice, we conditioned and made sure our plays were ran thoroughly to make sure every girl was capable of doing their positions and remembered them,” senior Monica Ramon said. “Before the game all we could do was study every play and motivate each other accordingly.”

For the senior team, there were 25 girls. Juniors had 23. And during those long practices, they were taught positions like quarterback, inside and wide receiver, running back, corner back, safety, punter, all made up of student football coaches.

The seniors ended up winning, 14 to 12.

“It was because of good coaching and our defense. It was a team game and there’s no win without a team,” Ramon said. “Good hustling to [the juniors of] 2018 though.”

The game has become a yearly senior/junior tradition.

“I think we had a great ending,” McAlister said. “Plus, we [seniors] left undefeated. It can’t get any better than that. It was definitely a great way to end our senior year.”