Taking advantage of high school

Senior Travis Langston shares what lead to his success in high school


Photo By: Claudia Quiroz

Senior Travis Langston, ranked near the top of his class, has managed to acquire 18 hours college credit by taking and passing five AP exams. This year, he hopes to take five more exams which could lead him to have a total of 30 college hours before graduation day.

“I am proud and happy that I managed to put in the effort to achieve this and be rewarded,” Langston said.

In order to get where he is at, Langston had to stay organized. He kept a planner, which he wrote down everything he had to do that day. He made school work a priority, removing all distractions that hindered his goals.

In contrast to how he is now in the first years of high school, Langston procrastinated and did not show much interest in his grades. Once he reached sophomore year, his outlook on school completely changed. He began to do his best so he can take pride in his work.

“I try to do something that I will be proud of later on,” Langston said. “I don’t want to be sitting here ten years from now regretting some of the decisions I made in high school and not putting in as much effort in my work as I could have.”

The support he receives from family and teachers is also what pushes and allows him to do his best.

“My parents and my grandparents especially [support me]. I also have a bunch of really good teachers who help a lot and if I have questions,” Langston said.

He is involved in extracurriculars like honors orchestra, being first chair violin. He is also part of the computer science club, where they competes in UIL academics. He has been awarded first in the district computer science competition and will compete at region which is scheduled for April 8.

“[After graduation] I plan to go to The University of Texas at Austin to study computer science,” Langston said.

Langston dedication to his studies propels him to be successful in everything he does. He is a great example of a senior who utilized his four years to achieve greatness.