Business students visit IBC Bank


Photo By: Victoria Phipps

On February 2, 2016, 30 students who are enrolled in the business, marketing and finance classes went to IBC Bank. These students were selected by business teachers Ms. Gabrielle Foster and Ms. Valerie Neubauer based on grades and behavior.

“This was to help students get a touch of the ‘real world,’” Foster said.

The students were given a presentation of what IBC is and given a tour of the facility. They were given tips about interviews and how to properly present yourself.

“You are going to go through interviews for school and future jobs,” Assistant Vice President Melody Calderon said.

During the tour the students got the chance to visit the call center and IT. Employees described what their job was and what is expected from them.

“We want you to understand what IBC is,” Calderon said.

The students were given this opportunity when San Antonio Works chose Judson ISD to open their job shadow for the school year.

“This is the first time Judson has gone to IBC,” Foster said.

Foster and Neubauer hope to have a follow-up visit in May, to give the students a glimpse of the work done throughout the entire company.