Choir helps open up local Whataburger

The success of our choir has now gotten the attention from local businesses. A local Whataburger, on 3839 E 1604 N, asked our choir to open their store by singing the national anthem at their grand opening.

“I believe it is showing the good of Judson, as well as showing our worth,” junior Sean Johnson said.

Choir works hard throughout the year to get opportunities such as this, as well as being able to record music.

“Fox asked us to record christmas carols last year and this year,” Johnson said.

By a choir putting their voice out there, it allows franchises such as Whataburger to want them to perform and branch out a school activity.

“I do think franchises [will] ask choirs to participate in their own events,” Johnson said. “And it will most likely show how far that choir has come.”

Not every school choir gets to do things that Judson’s does. Although it seems insignificant to some, singing at the opening of a new store gets attention.

“The recent event was spectacular and was new to me, but I think it was a good opportunity for the choir,” Johnson said.

img_2017The choir has always been a vital part of the fine arts department, striving to be better every year than the one before, working with other organizations to show school pride.

“It’s like a cake. You have the base [which is] band. The icing on top is the dancers, and your decoration is choir. At football games, the band plays [and] the dancers are in the stands dancing. The choir supports them and we sing the national anthem, so it’s like the cherry on top,” senior Emily Geoghegan said.

Christmas caroling, store performances, and UIL competitions are all events that choirs participate in that show their name and voice.

“We strive to inspire,” junior Taryn Sage said.