Football falls to Clemens


Photo By: Liani Cheverez-Senguis

Junior Gavin Harris pushes through the Clemens defense, in an attempt to score. Football ended up falling to Clemens, 17-14.

On Friday, September 24, 2021, the Judson Rockets (1-3) faced off against the Clemens Buffaloes (1-3) at Lehnhoff Stadium. 

The first quarter started off slightly uneventful until senior Sebastion Bernal got the Rockets out of a tight situation in the end zone with a punt. However, the Buffaloes pushed back even harder, which was followed by a 21-yard field goal with only five minutes left In the first quarter. The Rockets tried to answer back. However, they were unsuccessful on the 1-yard line which caused a turnover on downs and gave the Buffaloes possession, ending the first quarter with the Buffaloes in the lead, 3-0. 

The second quarter started faster than the first, with a 15-yard touchdown by the Buffaloes, which was followed by the Rocket’s first touchdown run by senior Marvin Beasley, allowing the Rockets to slightly catch up 10-7, Buffaloes, with nine minutes left in the second quarter. The rest of the quarter was slightly uneventful with the Rockets and Buffaloes exchanging the ball back and forth until the Buffaloes finally pushed through and scored their second touchdown, ending the second quarter 17-7, Buffaloes. 

The third quarter was the most uneventful quarter of the game, with both teams trading the ball back and forth. Needless to say, both teams found themselves unsuccessful, ending the third 17-7, Buffaloes.

The fourth started with the Rockets slowly inching their way up to the end zone where they found no success. In an attempt to still score, the Rockets attempted to make a field goal. However, they missed, holding the score 17-7 with five minutes left in the fourth. The Rockets found themselves in the end zone once again. where they scored their second touchdown of the night by sophomore Nathaniel Stanley with a 44-yard run. A flag was called on the play. However, after the coaches raised concerns about the play, they gave the run to the Rockets, allowing them to catch up, 17-14, with two minutes and thirty seconds left in the fourth. The Rockets tried their hardest to push through Clemen’s defense, but found no success, ending the fourth 17-14, Buffaloes. 

The Rockets (1-4) will face South San Antonio High School (1-4) on October 7, 2021, at D.W. Rutledge Stadium.

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