It’s Never Too Early To Pursue Your Dreams


Photo By: Victoria Phipps

Many people wait until after they graduate to begin their dreams. But for one group of boys, they are making their dreams a reality during high school .

Juniors Joshua Bautista, Alex Flores, Alex Sincoff, Esteban Avelar, Zen Rosas, and Jeremias Coiro are the creators of a clothing line named Unmature.

“During the STAAR test, I kept writing ‘unmature’ instead of ‘immature’,” Sincoff said. “I thought I was going to fail, but I [actually] passed it.”

They currently have only one design, which is the word Unmature in the front and a hand holding a baby plant in the back with the words ‘still developing.’

“It means that we are still developing as people and as a group,” Coiro said.

They are currently selling the shirts for $20, with the money the group wants to give back to the people who helped them.

“My family has always struggled with money, and I want to use what I make to help them out,” Coiro said

Their release date is on January 20 and they are working hard to have enough shirts by that day. Since they first announced the clothing line two months ago, some students have been anxiously awaiting the release.  With hard work and determination, these students hope to become successful entrepreneurs.