Orchestra puts on haunted house


Photo By: Camille McWhirter

Orchestra students finishing a section for the Haunted House in the PAC on Friday, October 29. The Haunted House was done as a fundraiser for orchestra.

On Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, the orchestra held a Haunted House in their orchestra room. This was a fundraiser for the organization.

Before starting your fundraiser, brainstorming was key. The idea came to the orchestra president Jaymes Edwards in a more unconventional way. She was watching the Escape the Night series on YouTube.

“The idea suddenly just came to me and I just texted the group chat about it,” Edwards said.  

The organization faced obstacles such as not enough money, people to play the characters, and authorization.

“There were so many problems, but we fundraised and got donations, and pretty much built it up with our hands,” orchestra vice president Nicole Ortiz said.

Despite the troubles they faced, the orchestra pulled through.

“There were difficult parts and some easy parts, but it has been a fun experience,” orchestra librarian Alyssa Martinez said.

Even though the hardship of putting on a show, orchestra prevailed and held their haunted house.