Review: (G)I-DLE’s “I Burn”


    On January 13, Korean girl group (G)I-DLE released their fourth extended play, I Burn, under Cube Entertainment and Republic Records. This extended play hosts six tracks, with the lead single called “Hwaa”. On January 11, the group held a media showcase for the release of I Burn.

    The first track, “Hann,” is a rework of a single they released in 2018 for a more dark concept. The instrumentals have this sort of regality that demands the attention and easily captivates the listeners, while at the same time sounds like the sort of song you would hear on the OST, or original or original soundtrack, of a Korean drama. Opening the EP with such a captivating song was brilliant, and sets the tone in a snap for the rest of the album. 

    The second track is “Hwaa,” the lead single on the EP. It is a bit more upbeat at certain moments, but it still keeps a relatively dark and sinister tone to it. Vocalist Minnie showed off her gorgeous high notes, rapper Soyeon once again impressed with her exceptional rap skills, and vocalists Soojin and Yuqi showed off their amazing vocals. This track wasn’t as breathtaking as “Hann,” but it had its crown and stage to strut. 

    The third song is “Moon,” a song that takes a bit of a turn regarding sound. It sounds a bit happier, more like the type of song you’d hear at a chill party, yet also sad and mysterious at the same time. This track focuses on the ideals of honest feelings amongst the more pop sound compared to the darker elements in previous songs. The most prevalent element of this song, however, is the song’s composer, Minnie, who shows off her amazing versatile range as the melody melts with the song, claiming it as a masterpiece.

    The sound of the fourth track, “Where Is Love,” does a complete 180. It’s a more dance-themed song, but it still has elements of sadness. The lyrics tell a story about the feelings one has after parting from love. Out of all of the songs on the album, personally, this is the weakest. By no means is it a bad track, it just feels bland and simple. However, the girls performed as amazing as usual, it just didn’t sound all that interesting or captivating as the previous songs did.

    The fifth track is “LOST,” a more R&B styled song that takes a step back from the more high pop-infused sounds. It’s more relaxing, and soothing, with the sort of vibe that just creates a chill atmosphere. 

    The sixth song is “Dahlia”, a song that references the actual dahlia flowers. When reading the lyrics, it’s easy to find this song as some sort of gift towards the fans. Dahlia flowers generally have positive connotations and tend to be amazing gifts to those you appreciate. It strays away from the sad, or dark themes of other songs, but the gorgeous sounds and vocals make up for the small difference.

    (G)I-DLE has always been known for their versatile discography, and they once again showed that with this album. It was so captivating, and it holds this dark concept and tone that keeps your mind in its clutches. It was truly amazing, worth the listen, and worth many more in the future. 

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