Review: Oneus’ “Devil”


Rainbow Bridge World

On January 19, Korean boy group Oneus released their first studio album, Devil. The album consists of 11 tracks in total, with their lead single being “No Diggity”. 

The first track of the album is “Intro: Devil is in the detail.” It’s a fairly short track, though it is an intro that easily explains it. However, after listening to it repeatedly, I can confidently say that this is one of those songs that I desperately wish would be longer. It just has this intense feeling, one that wraps you into the melody and practically forces you to listen. It’s commanding, but not overbearing.

The second track is “No Diggity,” a strong force of music that demands the attention of the listeners. This song isn’t completely new to the group, however, they did show more of their wild side with it. Everyone absolutely shined in this track – the vocals, the rap, the emotions they portrayed – it was all mashed together perfectly. And on top of that, the lyrics are easy to understand and interpret. What I got from the lyrics is that the song is about them telling someone to get away from them and their lovers, which is not what I expected from this sort of song, but something I happily welcome. 

The fourth song is “Incomplete,” a more familiar sound in regards to Oneus’ other songs. This song just radiates positive vibes. And every time I’ve listened to it, I just haven’t been able to stop smiling. The vocals on this track specifically stand out and just whisk you away onto the musical clouds the group forms as the song progresses.

“Youth,” the fifth track, is a much softer song and, while not a ballad, holds ballad themes. The melody is absolutely gorgeous, it sounds so peaceful and calming. The emotions are poured throughout the lyrics and it really captivates you the moment you start listening. It seems like it’s a gift towards the fans or someone else who makes them feel youthful and refreshed in some sort of way. 

“Rewind” is the sixth song on the album. It’s another happy, peaceful, relaxing sounding song that just wraps you in good vibes the moment it starts. It’s not as recognized as other tracks on the album and I can confidently call it a “hidden gem.” The moment I heard the clock hand ticking in the beginning, I knew I would fall in love. And then they threw that rap verse and the heavenly vocals at me, and I knew I had found yet another masterpiece on the already flawless album. 

The eighth track is “Lion Heart,” a much more upbeat song, different from the few softer songs before, but similar to the intense ones in the beginning. While this track isn’t my favorite, I can truthfully say that I’d still listen to it over and over again. I got goosebumps on the first listen during the rap portion and I can still hear and feel the suspense they build in the pre-chorus. And, the moment I heard that amazing high note in the bridge, I couldn’t help but smile and confirm yet another amazing tune. 

While I have never been a complete fan of Oneus, I have heard some of their songs before but never gave them an in-depth listen. But after listening to this album over and over again, I see the raw, obvious talent these boys have. This album is a downright masterpiece, with no bad song, and it has solidified my decision to continue listening to them.


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