Sophomore Adam Rodriguez expresses his love for dance anywhere and everywhere


Photo By: Jennifer Castillo

Rodriguez, along with his friends Isaiah Dugar and Hunter Erwin, randomly dance in the cafeteria. All three of them have shown a love for dancing, no matter where they are at.

Everyone has that one activity they love to do, one that brings out their true selves and makes them happy in ways others fail to do.

For Sophomore Adam Rodriguez, that activity is dance.

Passions for something can happen out of nowhere or could be influenced.

“I’ve felt a passion for dance since I was 11 and I haven’t stopped. My love for dance kinda just appeared when I was watching Happy Feet. It’s my favorite childhood movie,” Rodriguez said.

Everyone has their own interpretation of dance, some negative and some positive.

“I see dance as an opportunity to show your moves, what you got, your true self. Dancing just brings out the best in me. And, it’s fun. It’s really energetic,” Rodriguez said.

And he doesn’t care if people find what he loves funny.

“I dance at lunch, whenever I can because it makes me feel happy and people think it’s funny, but at least I’m having fun. It’s just whenever I have my headphones in, I’m always moving,” Rodriguez said. 

One of the worst things a child could feel is the lack of support from their parents for something they love to do. However, Rodriguez knows his family is behind him.

“My mom is supportive, but she’s kinda embarrassed because I dance all the time, anywhere. But, she’s really supportive, she loves that I love to dance. I’m lucky for that,” Rodriguez said.

Having friends who are into the same things as you can make things so much more fun.

“I have friends who also like to dance, all amazing dancers too. We all love doing it, especially together,” Rodriguez said.

Even if you don’t care for those who put your passion down, having people who support you will always make a difference.

“I have a lot of friends who support my love for dance. A lot of people hype me up too, and it makes me feel so happy to have people in my corner,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez has shown that your love for something doesn’t need to be validated by others – all that matters is that you’re having fun.