Chicano Batman creates innovative album


Formed in 2008, Chicano Batman, has been combining musical genres exposing people to music they have never experienced.

Considered an American Quartet, they are made up by Eduardo Arenas, playing bass and vocals, Carlos Arévalo on guitar, Bardo Martinez as lead vocal, Guitar and Organ, and Gabriel Villa on the drums and percussion.

The band released their first album in 2010, “Chicano Batman,” followed by their most recent album released in 2014, “Circles of Existential Rhyme”.

“Circles of Existential Rhyme” is the title track on the album, with an organ playing in the background, giving an oldies feel to it. The song tells his philosophy of time being a continuous, nonstop event, believing that we live in the future as it is our present.

The fifth track on the album is “She Lives on My Block.” This song is one from the album that hands Chicano Batman their odd ball genre, it’s like you are listening to an old track off a 70’s album, but still has that modern feel to it.

“Amor Verde” is a Spanish track that is similar to a traditional genre of music in Mexico called “Ranchera,” with the very slow paced beat and stretching of some phrases. “Amor Verde” meaning green love, tells the story of how he’s so hooked over a woman, it’s almost like she’s a witch that has put a spell over him.

The last track on the album is also a Spanish song named “Para Agradecer”, meaning to thank. He thanks the universe for letting him find the love of his life. Also thankful for his life, for being able to be alive so he can love her and have her as the mother of his children.

The band is very unique, being the fact you can’t pin point their genre. Though their band name says Chicano, referring to a person of Mexican descent, they’re very for “making music for the people.” Bring individuals of all types to come together and enjoy music, which I feel is the best concept Chicano Batman shares.