Review: Friend Request

Review: Friend Request

Friend Request was released into theaters on Friday, September 22, 2017. The movie featured actors genuinely never heard of nor seen in previous productions. And according to the acting in the film, it is now understandable.

A good horror movie is not determined by how many jump scares they can squeeze into the movie, but by an intriguing plot, which Friend Request had. However, a plot that is made better with a quality cast and acting, was heavily lacked.

The movie stars Australian actress Alycia Debnam-Carey, as Laura, a “popular” college student. Laura, like every other young adult, was sitting in her dorm on Facebook , when she receives a friend request from a friendless girl in one of her classes. And out of kindness, she accepted her.

After accepting the strange girl Ma Rina, Laura gets a message from her asking to be friends and that is when their “friendship” begins. For the next few days, Ma Rina nonstop messages Laura asking anything and everything. After tons of unread messages, Laura finally comes to the realization, “well dang, she is kind of obsessed with me.” Especially after Ma Rina video chats Laure asking about her birthday plans for the night, practically inviting herself, even though Laura has never mentioned her birthday before.

Laura lies to Ma Rina and tells her she is just going on a date with her boyfriend, but Laura’s Facebook timeline says other wise when tagged photos of her and her friends out at dinner pops up and Ma Rina sees them. The next day, Laura is approached by an angry Ma Rina who screams in her face asking why she was not included. Ma Rina then runs off when Laura pushes her away.

Later than night, Laura unfriends the odd girl and her friend list returns back to zero. Ma Rina goes insane after realizing she has been unfriended and does everything in her power to contact to Laura and apologize. Laura then gets an incoming call from Ma Rina, but declines it.

The following day, Laura walks into class to see Ma Rina’s seat empty and gets the news that she had committed suicide.

The next few days, Laura loses all control of her social media account and “someone” post Ma Rinas suicide video through her account. After being warned by her school deans to delete her account, Laure’s friends began being killed and a video of their deaths also were being posted to her social media account.

Towards the end of the movie, Laura finds herself in the woods where Ma Rina killed herself and the laptop where she had recorded it. The next day, Laura finds herself in the college’s lunch room sitting with Ma Rina’s laptop, her exact outfit and hair. She has replaced the school’s lonely “Ma Rina. Now known as “ Lau Ra”

If you are looking to get jumpscared a lot, rather than watching an actual good movie with quality acting, then this is the film for you. Other than that, you are better off skipping out on this 2017 horror film.