Review: Before I Fall

Theatrical Movie Poster

Theatrical Movie Poster

Based off the 2010 teen novel, Before I Fall was made into a film that hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

Before getting into the film in detail, if you’re not one for cliche teen movies, this is not the movie for you. Although, the film is saved by the good acting and exciting plot.

Protagonist Sam, played by Zoey Deutch, wakes up on a day called “Cupid’s Day,” which is like a Valentine’s Day for their school. She and her friends go through their day with the “usual” popular high schooler problems like having to carry the flower valentines-grams they received all day and dodging the sweet boys that have no interest in.

At the end of the day, Sam and her three best girl friends go to a party where she sees her boyfriend with another girl. In many cliche teen movies, seeing your boyfriend cheat on you seems the worst your day can get. But for Sam, the night was getting far worse than she figured. She and the other girls from her “clique” got in a car crash on the way home from the party due to hitting something on the road.

Instead of waking up after the crash, Sam woke up to the same morning she did before and lived through the same exact day for a whole week.

After a couple days of repeating it, she realized she needed to take matters into her own hands and alter the day herself. She was tired of reliving the same tragedy and even began doing things outside of her comfort zone, like rebellion against her parents and exposing her friends to see if the outcomes would result in not having to relive the day.

After yet another 24 hours of repeating the same cupid’s day, she realizes something at the party; after majority of the party goers had bullied and threw drinks at Juliet when they saw she attended the party. Sam saw her run into the woods behind the house, where she also saw Juliet jump in front of a car. Though Sam was too late to save her this time, she knew the next day that she would be able to change it all and possible stop reliving it.

The next day, Sam woke up relieved after finding out what she needed to change for her to stop reliving the day over again. Later that day, she attended the party and waited up to the point when Juliet began getting bullied. When the scene was over, Sam ran after Juliet whom ran into the woods like the night before and yelled at her repeatedly to not take her life. Sam failed to stop her and when Juliet ran into the road, Sam followed right behind, being able to push her out of the way. Juliet frantically gets up but realizes Sam took her place in front of the truck and got hit.

No one likes cliffhangers, but the intensity of the film and waiting to watch Sam wake up and repeat the same day was nerve wracking and interesting.

Before I Fall is the perfect teen action film, despite the awful soundtrack choice and the cliche moments.