Former Rocket steps in to lead choir program


Photo By: Claudia Quiroz

Mrs. Tiffany Cristo, a very optimistic and positive “goofball,” is the school’s new choir teacher. Cristo is also one of Judson’s very own alumni, graduating with the class of 2002. Cristo found her passion for teaching as a young girl playing ‘school’ with her cousins.

“I think I always knew I wanted to teach,” Cristo said. “But I knew I wanted to be a music educator because of my elementary school choir. My teacher, Mrs. Wood, definitely inspired me.”

Mrs. Sherrill, previous choir teacher for multiple decades before Cristo, was also the one who taught Cristo when she attended Judson.

“She is one of my biggest mentors and I have so much respect for her,” Cristo said. “How neat is it to be able to come back home and repeat this circle.”                                                       

Cristo was once teaching at East Central High School until deciding she wanted to move down to middle school. She taught at Garner Middle School before moving back up to high school this year.

“I taught high school for five years but then started a family and kinda wanted to slow things down so I went into middle school,” Cristo said. “But I am very excited to be teaching high school again.”

Cristo hopes to be a positive influence and role model for her students. She also wants to provide a safe environment where everyone can feel at home.

“I want to keep the tradition of excellence here,” Cristo said. “I want to have an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and confident with themselves and consider it a ‘no judging zone’.”