Kercho steps in as new dance director


Pictured on the left.

New dance director, Mrs. Sara Kercho, considers herself a genuine, relateable, sarcastic but also a very passionate person. Kercho has always been involved with dance her entire life but didn’t attend college to major within that field.

“I actually didn’t go to college for dance,” Kercho said. “I got my degrees in international communication. I’d say a year or two after I graduated, I was still involved with doing choreography and things with dance teams and I asked myself ‘why am I not doing this, it’s what I enjoy doing.’ So that’s when I got my teaching certification.”

Kercho was first introduced to the job offering by a friend and was willing to move to San Antonio from Dallas. She was previously working at another “big football high school.”

“I feel like this school is a little more conservative and there’s so much for the students to be involved with.” Kercho said. “Judson has a big population but everyone is so down to earth.”

Kercho wants to improve the team’s confidence and support them on continuing their pride within the organization. She is excited to work with new students that seem so intrigued to begin learning.

The fine arts department has had a loss of great teachers that have had a strong impact on our school, but the new incoming teachers are ready to have a stronger influence and better organizations.