Wrestling starts off their season strong


Photo By: Lena Hebert

On December 7, the Rockets took on the Clemens Buffaloes and Steele Knights at the Judson auxiliary gym in a varsity quad-meet. After the long wait, the team has finally gotten a feel for their season.

Judson vs. Clemens

In the girls first round, they started off hot winning three matches in a row. Kiara Dennis took the mat first and out muscled her opponent, pinning her out with quick moves. Amerika Leija took the mat looking to start a streak, pinning her opponent in a defensive struggle, but finally pinned her match-up out. In the third and final girls match of the first round, Mirayah De Leon took no hesitance, pinning her opponent in less than a minute.

In the boys first round, they went in with confidence. Team captain Lorenzo Dennie IV took the mat, being pinned, he escaped a couple times, but was defeated in a defensive attempt. But Antonio Sarmiento returned the favor to Clemens, defeating his opponent. Judson would go on to lose their last two matches against Clemens.

Judson vs. Steele

The undefeated girls took the mat against the Steele Knights. In her only match of the night, Diana Alfaro Salazar put in a lot of a fight, as she broke pins to stay around until the last minute, when she was finally pinned. Dennis took the mat once again, she attacked with aggression and quick moves, putting opponents into pins, but she was reversed and pinned out.

In the boys turn, they lost most of the matches. But the first match lasted to the very end, and was one of the best in the meet. Dennie got a chance to redeem himself and leave the team on a high note. And he did, going in very confident and ridding of his match-up in a quick fashion, pinning him, and putting the meet to rest.

That was one of the team’s first meet, scoping out their future and seeing improvements for bigger success. They will go to a Churchill Invitational December 15 to continue their season further down the road.